The Gathering Begins Today!

No Internet Service & Very Spotty Cell Service
at Saratoga Springs as a result of the fires last month.
Messages sent to will probably not be received by those of us who are at the Gathering.
If you have an issue that cannot be dealt with before you arrive, please call the Saratoga Springs Office (707) 275-9503.

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29 August — 3 September 2018
Saratoga Springs Retreat Center
Upper Lake, CA 95485
Saratoga MIRACULOUSLY ESCAPED the fires,
and is looking forward to WELCOMING US
and closes 19 August 2018
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Calling All LGBTQIA folk, Radical Faeries, and Billys & Billy Kin.
Even if you don't identify as one of the Letters, or with a particular group —
if you have a Queer sensibility or affinity, Join Us!

This gathering is being co-produced by
Generate Gatherings, The Billys, and The Elizabeth Taylor 50 Plus Network.
( Registration is being handled by The Billys )