The GENERATE: Light Gathering is Over! If you weren't able to make it, it was a wonderfully sweet, easy, and relaxed week. Stay in touch until the the next gathering via the Generate Gathering Facebook Group
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These are challenging times. In the midst of darkness, we want to GENERATE Hope, Courage, and Joy.

The creators of GENERATE: Light invite you to explore the many colors, hues, tints, and shades of meaning that Light has for you,

… in your home life, with family, with friends, with aquaintances, with other GENERATORS, in our world and, most importantly…

within yourself and your heart.

What is GENERATE: Light?

GENERATE: Light will be filled with light, as spontaneous and light-weight as we can make it together. Partake in an intimate snuggle with a friend, hang out at the pool, engage in heart-felt conversation in the Lodge, spend time alone in nature or participate in:

  • Heart Circles, a powerful means to share your Light by speaking from your heart, to take risks, to receive nurturing love and support.
  • Workshops and Playshops facilitated by participants. Learn something new, deepen connections with others. We invite all participants to describe their workshop / playshop ideas when registering or just bring them to the gathering.
  • Intimate Play in sex-positive spaces

Teach us… Lead us… Show us… Share with us… Learn with us…

When is GENERATE: Light?
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GENERATE: Light starts on Tuesday, August 8 after 3pm and concludes Monday August 14 at 1pm. Arrive as early as possible and stay for as much of the gathering as you can.

Those who have been before know that it often takes 2-3 days just to get acclimated to the rhythm of the gathering.

The sooner you're able to arrive and the longer you're able to stay, the better and deeper your experience of Light in self, tribe and community.

How Much Does GENERATE: Light Cost?
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GENERATE: Light Registration is $60 - $100 per night, sliding scale.

If you're able to pay more, you'll be support-ing those with financial constraints. If you're unable to pay $60 per night, please thoughtfully consider the amount you can afford. While no one will be turned away for lack of funds, we need your help to avoid a deficit (GENERATE: Harmony had to be subsidized by the owners of Saratoga Springs).

Please give generously.